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COVID-19 Stress Buster

Ease the COVID-19 pandemic stress with Hypnotic Tracks.

With many parts of the world in a second phase of lockdown, it is easy to slip into some comforting life habits that will be making life harder, not easier.

Whether it's causing unhealthy eating, trouble sleeping at night, or just that you think you are drinking a little too much, the COVID-19 Stress Buster package from Hypnotic Tracks is here to help.

To help make life a little easier during these times, we are offering six of our carefully selected tracks for just £ 60 (for a limited period only - RRP £ 135)

Weight Loss - Relaxation And Confidence - No More Comfort Eating - Drink Less Alcohol - Anxiety - Sleep Like A Log

With the discount code, you will also receive bonus content for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an Online Hypnotherapy Course, and an exclusive online backup session, included with each purchase.

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