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How to listen to Hypnotic Tracks

First, find a quiet space, where you will not disturbed, and allow yourself at least half an hour. It doesn't matter whether you are sitting or lying down, as long as you are comfortable.

The hypnosis process starts with a countdown from five to one, and a number of vocal techniques to reach a state of focus and relaxation. When you are fully relaxed, you will be ready to listen to the powerful, positive suggestions.

During the track, you will remain aware of your surroundings

There are many hypnosis downloads on the market. Why choose yours?

These tracks have been based on over 25 years' experience of seeing many clients and working with them successfully to obtain results.

The routines on which the scripts have been written are tried and tested, using an eclectic approach to ensure that all bases are covered, and produced to a very high standard.

How many times should I listen?

As often as you like! You should notice the results after the first session, but the advantage of the tracks is that you can treat yourself to as many sessions as you like.

When is the best time to listen?

Many people listen before they go to bed, because it is a convenient time, they can get some peace and quiet, and it doesn't matter if they fall asleep. However, you can listen to the tracks at any time, but for safety reasons, we recommend that you do not listen while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

I keep falling asleep. Am I doing anything wrong?

This is a very common questions. Falling asleep just means you are deeply relaxed, but rest assured that the suggestions will still work.

How do I know the track is working?

The tracks include an arm levitation exercise, called the Lewis Wolberg technique, which tests for subconscious reaction.

Can I listen to several tracks?

It is probably best to tackle one issue at a time, but a number of our tracks are designed to complement each other. Check through the track descriptions to find other tracks that may help you.

In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with your purchase and after properly evaluating it, you decide that it's not right for you, simply contact us for a refund. We are unable to offer refunds on tracks that have been purchased using a voucher.