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Surviving An Argumentative Partner

You have your own life to lead and have the right to enjoy it, free of intimidation or bullying

Arguments tend to happen when a relationship is breaking down, after the initial gloss has worn off and you are left with two very different characters. Opposites do not always attract.

However, you must never allow yourself to be bullied. People can have shortfalls and they like to drag others down to their level to make them feel better. An uncontrolled temper is unpleasant and can be even dangerous.

Hypnotherapy can help you to be strong and confident in yourself and, in doing so, allow you to make the decisions that have to be made.

As with all tracks from Hypnotic Tracks, this hypnosis download is offered with online coaching and support if needed. It works well if partnered with Relaxation and Confidence, Anxiety, and No More Comfort Eating.

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