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Anger Management

Learn to channel any negative emotions and keep your anger under control

It is seldom that people lose their temper without a reason and a build up of tension, and therefore, the secret to anger managemnent is all about controlling anger mismanagement.

Hypnotherapy can help you to diffuse a temper before it gets out of control by connecting with your subsconscios mind.

Anger can be described as being a bucket of stress, and once the bucket is full, any irritation will overspill and release as a temper, no matter how small the trigger. The temper is not controlled and the red mist descends, often made worse when alcohol is also involved.

This is a hypnosis download built around many years of experience concerning anger issues and can help you to diffuse anger and put stressors into perspective when you need it most.

This track works well with Anxiety and also with Relaxation And Confidence. Our Multiple Purchase Discount means that when you buy two of these tracks, you get the third track for free.

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