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Beat Online Trolls

You have every right to put yourself out there, you have the power to ignore online trolls

The internet is a platform for self-expression for many, especially younger people. It allows people to connect worldwide, and everyone has a right to express themselves and share their experiences.

This track from Hypnotic Tracks will give you the confidence to express yourself and be yourself when you are online. Trolls are nothing but bullies, who lurk in the dark corners of the internet. Hypnotherapy is a marvellous way of reprogramming how you feel, so that you do not become depressed or overly upset by the comments of trolls. If anything, you will feel sorry for them.

This track works well with Relaxation And Confidence and also Anxiety. If the internet is your springboard for business ideas, then Achieve Your Goals will also be useful.

Use our Multiple Purchase Discount to buy two tracks and get a third track free, and as always, Sam Weller is available to provide online coaching to accompany your purchase if you need it.

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